Granite worktops are as popular as ever and bring timeless beauty into every kitchen. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth, formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface. Granite worktops are extremely hard wearing & won’t scratch under normal use and are easy to clean & maintain, making them ideal worktops for kitchens & bathrooms. Not to mention it adds value to property and is one of the most searched terms when looking for a new property.

You will find an extensive range of granite worktop finishes available to you, and whilst you have this wide choice, you can feel confident of receiving a unique product, as the veining from the cutting process will be different every time. Whether you decide on a simple black granite worktop or would prefer a mottled or speckled surface, we have many designs to choose from. If you are at all unsure about which of our granite worktops will be best for your home, our team of expert stonemasons will be on hand to offer professional advice to help you make this decision.

More than 30 standard granite work surface colours are now available, have a look below.

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Granite is one of the hardest and most durable stones in the world and is often selected by contractors and architects for high traffic areas such as granite worktops. This natural stone adds opulence to commercial projects such as lobbies, reception areas and corridors.

Naturally stain resistant and easy to care for, Granite is an excellent choice for any commercial natural stone application, especially for granite worktops. For a continuous stone look, granite slabs can be used thus avoiding the grout joints between tiles.  Construction professionals often use this natural stone as cladding, adding aesthetics to otherwise unattractive building exteriors.

You can browse through our online catalog or click over to our commercial projects page to learn more about our service and contact us. If you would like to learn more about where granite worktops come from and what types there are you can have a read here.

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