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Marble worktops will add distinction and sophistication to any kitchen or home. Naturally colourful and beautiful, they make the perfect surface for preparing meals, dining and other household activities. A marble worktop in your kitchen or home will add a natural touch and warmth, inviting family and friends to gather around its aesthetically pleasing surface.

High quality worktops are ideal for the home chef. Every cook appreciates the utility of the marble worktops. Preparing meals is much more enjoyable when using a quality worktop. Marble is particularly well suited for making breads, rolling dough and handling all of the other slicing and dicing which cooking entails. Set up is easy with a spacious surface and marble worktops make cleaning up a breeze.

For many of us, home-life revolves around the kitchen. Family meals, kids working on assignments, guests visiting for dinner and games, these are the times we will remember. Friends and family gravitate to the kitchen, it may be the most important room in our home when it comes to enjoying quality time. A marble worktop not only offers a superlative cooking surface, but provides an ambience of homely hospitality.


Marble worktops’ unique patterns and colours provide an unsurpassed elegance to floors, walls, structural columns and staircases.  Designers and contractors choose marble for its durability, strength, and lasting beauty, plus it is highly valued for its resistance to fire.

It complements classic and contemporary architecture, and marble worktops are a perfect choice for new construction and renovation projects, especially when adding an elegant touch with marble countertops. Topstone offers  a wide variety of marble worktops for commercial building and remodelling projects.

You can browse through our online catalog or click over to our commercial projects page to learn more about our service and contact us. If you would like to learn more about where marble worktops come from and what types there are you can have a read here.



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